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1-3-6 refers to the rigid early timeline for identification, diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss in infants that leads to the best language outcomes, and that is recommended by professional associations around the world. 

1-3-6 stands for:

Detection of hearing loss by 1 month of age.

Diagnosis of hearing loss by 3 months of age.

Intervention(treatment) of hearing loss by 6 months of age.

This timeline is important! Under no circumstances should you ever wait a while to see how your child does. This is not  problem that can be kicked down the road. This is because there are Critical Periods for auditory brain development before the age of 2 that can never be accessed later. Earlier is better. Act today!

Is your child with hearing loss already older than 2? Do not despair. Good results are still possible; it only the very best results that are not. Useful speech and language can still develop later with proper intervention and educational support. See your doctor or call us soon!

To more learn about 1-3-6 and to see the difference in speech outcomes from early and late identified children look at this excellent module from the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management: Click here to view the module(this takes about 8 minutes to view)